3D Virtual Tour - Construction Phase

The 3D Virtual Tour, brought to you by ScenaVR, allows the viewer to step inside the TNAR - IBS Show Home for a totally immersive tour of the products within the home! This year, we're proud to announce the launch of the 1st ever "Construction Phase" 3D Virtual Tour. 

This tour allows you to maneuver through the different levels of the home in the middle of construction! This new presentation displays all of the products behind the walls you weren't able to see in the finished home. From HVAC products to insulation, you will be provided with an exclusive tour through a home that is currently under construction. 

As you guide yourself through the home, you would simply click on the blue dots (Mattertags) to identify the products and supplier names. This tour will be available on tnarh.com in September. 

A special thanks to ScenaVR and E2 Homes for producing such an amazing visual representation of this innovative property!