• Front of the Home

  • Main Entrance

  • Floor plan 1st floor

  • Floor plan 2nd floor

  • Outdoor area looking at the kitchen

  • Overview of the courtyard and pool area

  • View of the main outdoor living area

  • Orchard and Garden

Company Logo

The New American Remodel® 2019

Welcome to The New American Remodel® 2019! This state-of-the-art modern day marvel showcases new products and systems that have recently been introduced to the housing market. This remodeled home demonstrates the latest in sustainable building techniques by showcasing innovation & current trends in technology.

Engineered and designed by Luxus Design Build, LLC, The New American Remodel® 2019 illustrates how today’s industry products can be utilized and integrated into a remodel home to exhibit more efficient methods than in the past. These advancements can be incorporated into any renovated home through systems integration to enhance long-term cost effectiveness and maximize performance.

The New American Remodel® 2019 is a true showcase of innovation and design in today’s home, exhibiting the latest trends in the housing industry and advancements in technology and energy-efficiency. NAHB is very excited to showcase this exhibition remodel home in Las Vegas!

We'll see you soon!